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We provide resources to help families, teachers, and faith-based educators as they share the beauty of the world’s faith traditions with kids.

We are excited to announce the publication of our first kids’ book We All Have Sacred SpacesThe book, aimed at kids age 4-10, explores sacred spaces from seven faith traditions (Indigenous, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and Sikh).

We All Have Sacred Spaces now joins our Interfaith Made Easy™ Peace curriculum as we continue building our resource database. The Peace curriculum offers 15 peace-related lesson plans from 9 different faith traditions. Each lesson plan includes a story, a craft, and an activity. Choose the volume that most closely matches your age group (Preschool-Kind., Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School). Available in both Digital and Print formats!   

Our mission is to promote both religious literacy and interfaith education by providing ready-made, easy-to-use tools. Embracing human diversity is essential in our times. And, here at Faith Seeker Kids, we have over a decade of experience showing that it’s easy to start with children! Thanks for being part of our adventure. And enjoy the site!

Stayed tuned for our updated videos. In the meantime, here’s a brief introduction to our work.

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Cover of We All Have Sacred Spaces

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Cover of Interfaith Made Easy Unit 1: Peace Curriculum

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We had a GREAT time at the Ripple Interfaith Conference at Elon Univ.! Click here for workshop/panel topics and PowerPoint presentations.

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