VGarlock-4Vicki Michela Garlock has over 20 years of speaking experience – first as a part-time professor in graduate school, then as a full-time college professor, and most recently as the founder of Faith Seeker Kids™. Learn more about the Faith Seeker Kids™ concept, why it makes sense in today’s world, and how it can be accomplished in your church or home.

Recent Presentations
“Using Stories from the World’s Religions to Teach Kids about Peace.” Presentation at Parliament of the World’s Religions: Reclaiming the Heart of our Humanity, October, 2015, Salt Lake City, Utah.


Jubilee! Community Church, Asheville, NC

“Using the Bible as a Starting Point for Interfaith Education.” Workshop presented at North American Interfaith Network (NAIN) Connect: Restoring Spirit through Sacred Listening, July, 2015, Regina, Saskatchewan.

“Infinite Possibility.” Sermon delivered at Jubilee! Community Church, May 2015, Asheville, NC.

“Water Rituals: Using Faith Traditions to Guide Current Practice.” Presentation at the Big I Conference for Inclusive Theology, Spirituality, and Consciousness: Ministering for the Earth — Tending the Heart of the Planet, February, 2015, Burlingame, CA.

Dreams of Assurance.” Sermon delivered at Jubilee! Community Church, May, 2014, Asheville, NC.

“Religious Education without the Baggage.” Sermon delivered at Jubilee! Community Church, March, 2013, Asheville, NC.

Parliament of the World’s Religions
Salt Lake City, UT

Guest sermons, keynote presentations, seminars for Christian educators, and small-group discussions are among the possible options for your group or organization. Vicki is happy to work with you to come up with a plan to meet your needs. Possible topics include:

• Teaching through Ancient Story
• Faith-Seeking in the 21st Century
• Using the Bible to Connect with Other Religious Traditions
• How Developmental Psychology Informs Faith Development
• Religious Holidays: Why Kids Connect to Them
• Raising Children in Other Religious Traditions
• Themes and Characters across Traditions
• Kids as Co-Creators in their own Faith Development
• Religious Literacy for Kids and Adults