Mulitfaith Monday 9/29/14

by Vicki Garlock on September 29, 2014

I had a busy interfaith week! I spent 5 hours observing the first day of Rosh Hashanah (Thursday) at Congregation Beth Israel, our local conservative synagogue. Then, I spent 3 hours observing the second day of Rosh Hashanah (Friday) at the Chabad House, our local orthodox community. Saturday evening, I attended Vespers at Holy Trinity, our local Greek Orthodox church. Since it was also their Greek festival, I got to eat some amazing Greek food and take a tour of the church! Here’s what other folks from around the world were up to!

Hindus Celebrate Sharad Navrati from September 25 through October 3

Teenager Forbidden from Wearing Niqab in UK Prompts Reddit Comments from Muslim Women Around the World

New Atheist “Church” — Sunday Assembly — Popular and Growing Rapidly

This Year’s Mecca Pilgrimage Starts on October 1

Priests’ Mistresses and Wives Want to Be Heard by the Vatican

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