Multifaith Monday 12/1/14

by Vicki Garlock on December 1, 2014

Back at work today after the long holiday weekend. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends. There was a bit of faith-related news happening around the world while the rest of us were eating. Here are my top 5 picks from the last several days.

Pope Francis Prays in Instanbul’s Famed Blue Mosque

Finnish Lutherans Leave Church in Droves over Same-Sex Marriage

Islamic Fashion Show Counteracts Stereotypes

Last summer, I attended a conference session about race issues in America’s churches. Many people argued that Sunday morning worship services are not the best venues for addressing racial tensions. They proposed that Sunday mornings offer a time when people can worship comfortably — in the way they want and with whom they want. In light of those comments, it will be interesting to see what happens with the congregations highlighted in these next two stories. Will the majority simply “win out” or will there really be a merging of some sort?

Large Black Baptist Church in FL Merges with Struggling White One

Deaf Catholic Community in NY Faces Merger with Hearing Congregation


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