Hello! I’m Vicki Michela Garlock, founder of Faith Seeker Kids. We offer Bible-based interfaith educational ideas for kids of all ages. Please enjoy the site!
Our mission is to help churches and families recognize the importance of interfaith education for children and to provide resources and tools to facilitate that education. Our mission is grounded in the belief that we are all life-long faith seekers. Each of us must reach our own understanding of God/the Divine/the Great Mystery. Each of us must develop our own faith practice. Each of us must choose how to live a life that is both meaningful and compassionate in a world that often seems heartless and unfair. And each of us must acknowledge that this process is ongoing, changing over time as a result of development/aging and life experiences. In short, our mission is to transcend the religious/spiritual distinction so we can teach our kids to find their faith.This site offers news, information, and tips for adults who want to help the kids in their lives follow their own faith path

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