Booking Inquiries

Vicki Michela Garlock has over 20 years of speaking experience – first as a part-time professor in graduate school, then as a full-time college professor, and most recently as the founder of Faith Seeker Kids™. Guest sermons, keynote presentations, seminars for Christian educators, and small-group discussions are among the possible options for your group or organization. Vicki is happy to work with you to come up with a plan that will meet your needs. Possible topics include:

Imagining Our Children as Faith Seekers

Ancient Stories and their Role in Faith-Seeking

How Developmental Psychology Informs Faith Development

Faith-Seeking in the 21st Century

Using the Bible to Connect with Other Religious Traditions: Characters and Themes

Developmentally-Appropriate Sunday School Practices

Kids as Co-Creators in their Own Faith Development

Faith-Seeking as a Life-Long Adventure

Religious Holidays: Why Kids Connect to Them

How Children are Raised in Other Religious Traditions