Friday’s Blog Blast 1/30/2015

by Vicki Garlock on January 30, 2015

Welcome to this Friday’s blog blast where I share my 3 favorite posts from the last week. This weekend marks the feast of St. Brighid for Christian communities and the festival of Brigid for pagan communities. Check out my post Brigid for Kids if you’re looking for Holy Day ideas. Early next week (Feb.3-4), our Jewish friends celebrate Tu BiShvat. Historically, it was used to calculate the beginning of the agricultural season, which helped determine tithes. Nowadays, it’s treated as a “new year for trees,” which means it’s kind of an eco-awareness day. So, plant a tree! And now on to the blog posts.

Fascinating Photo Essay on Senegal’s Baye Fall (Islamic)

When My Joy Causes Your Pain (and Vice Versa)

My Devout Hindu Mom and My Atheist Dad

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