Interfaith Made Easy

We’ve been developing interfaith educational resources for kids since 2008, and we’re thrilled to start sharing those resources with Interfaith Made Easy™!

All four volumes of the Peace unit are now out thanks to Possibilities Publishing. No specific training is needed; just learn along with the kids!

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Interfaith Made Easy: Unit #1 — Peace

Preschool-Kindergarten (ages 3-6)
Lower Elementary (ages 6-9)
Upper Elementary (ages 9-12)
Middle School (ages 11-15)
Sample Lesson Plans (all age groups)

Our curriculum is grounded in the rich narratives found in the Christian Bible as well as other faith traditions, including Buddhism, Hasidic Judaism, Islam, Native American, Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), Sikhism, Sub-Saharan African, and Sufism.

Crafts, Activities, Take-Home Opportunities, and ideas for Community Service projects are also included!

Here’s what educators say about our interfaith curriculum:

“I have realized how absolutely incredible this program is! Each week I am blessed and excited to lead the kids through it…. THANK YOU! I cannot say enough positive things about it. You have a true gem here….My kiddos love Wednesday nights now and our attendance has almost tripled. I have parents staying “to help” that sit in the back and soak it all up….I have at least three sets of parents who 6 months ago would have used the word Islam only in a derogatory sense. My husband overheard one of those dads sharing the story I read from the Qur’an this past Sunday. Talk about bringing some peace. If you knew that man you would understand what a huge deal that is. THANK YOU!” Children’s Minister, United Methodist Church, SC

“We just finished our interfaith unit! We combined the Peace unit of your curriculum with materials from the World Peace Village. Each week we looked at a different religious tradition, comparing a lesson of peace from that tradition with a lesson of peace from Christianity. We found the story pairings in your curriculum very helpful!” Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold, Transitional Associate Minister, Newtown Congregational Church

“Vicki, thanks for sending us the Embracing the Darkness unit of your youth curriculum. We’ve had some good success with it and the kids like it a lot. We even did a whole Sunday morning using one of the lessons for the whole congregation and they LOVED it!” Candace Chellew-Hodge, Jubilee! Circle, Columbia, SC

Peace-related stories, crafts, and activities in 15 easy-to-use lesson plans for 4 different age groups


Preschool-Kind. (Digital & Print)

Lower Elem. (Digital & Print)

Upper Elem. (Digital & Print)

Middle School (Digital; Hard copy in press)

We had a GREAT time at the Ripple Interfaith Conference at Elon Univ.! Click here for workshop/panel topics and PowerPoint presentations.

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