Here at Faith Seeker Kids, we’ve been writing about religious traditions, faith-based holidays, interesting interfaith connections, and kid-friendly activities for many years.

Interfaith Observer

From 2014-2019, we served as a Correspondent for The Interfaith Observer (TIO). This free, monthly, digital journal explored interreligious relations and the interfaith movement as a whole. Over the years, we contributed more than three dozen articles, most of which covered the “kid beat.” Articles about interfaith education for kids include:

Articles focusing on interesting organizations in the interfaith world include:


Click here for The Interfaith Observer search engine page. Simply type in Garlock for a complete list of all our articles.


Multicultural Kid Blogs

Recently, we’ve written several 10 Fun Facts posts for Multicultural Kids Blogs. These include:


We’ve also contributed a few other articles for Multicultural Kid Blogs and the Interfaith Ramadan series.

Here’s a sampling of some of those posts.



Finally, we initially began this adventure with our own blog. Those posts are still available and can be found here (along with a search engine in case you’re looking for something specific).