Multifaith Monday 10/13/2014

by Vicki Garlock on October 13, 2014

Happy Columbus Day! Or not. There are at least four petitions out there regarding Columbus Day. Three of them are on the web site. One asks that Columbus Day be removed entirely as a national holiday, one requests that the name be changed to Exploration Day, and the third requests that the name be changed to Native American Culture Day. The fourth petition, recently created on the White House petitions web site, requests that the name be changed to Indigenous Peoples Day. In the meantime, I’m at work and my kids are at school.

In other news, we are in the midst of Sukkot, the Jewish harvest holiday that also commemorates the Israelites’ 40-year-term of wandering in the desert. I spent Saturday night singing at a Sukkot jam with the conservative congregation. I spent Sunday afternoon enjoying a family event at the orthodox meeting space. More on both events, held here in Asheville, in this week’s blog which will be posted on Wednesday.

Here are my top 5 picks for news stories from the last week.

Kentucky-based Noah’s Ark Theme Park at Odds with State over Hiring Practices

More from the Catholic Synod: Will the Church Change its Stance on Homosexuals?

Great Op-Ed Piece about Islam from One of my Favorites, Fareed Zakaria

Early Diwali Kick-Off Celebration in Leicestershire England

Shroud of Turin Remains a Mystery to Some

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