Multifaith Monday 10/20/14

by Vicki Garlock on October 20, 2014

I’m off to Winston-Salem to meet some energetic interfaith folks. Winston-Salem is a designated City of Compassion, and their interfaith non-profit hosts at least one event a week. Looking forward to hearing what they’re up to! Here are my top 5 picks for faith-related news stories in the last week.

Seventh Day Adventists One Step Closer to Ordaining Women — at least in some places

Association for the Advancement of Science Gives Grants to Christian Seminaries to Increase Science Knowledge

The Pope may be moving ahead, but the Synod, as a whole, is not

God is Not Afraid of New Things

Reza Aslan (famous Muslim) and Chris Steadman (famous atheist) come together on this article.

It’s Time to Stop Shouting and Start Talking to Each Other

Sistine Chapel Rented Out for Corporate Event to Raise Money for Charity

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