Multifaith Monday 9/8/14

by Vicki Garlock on September 9, 2014

I’m a little late with my Multifaith Monday post this week. I drove to Atlanta yesterday afternoon for their kick-off of the Compassion Games. I ended up spending the night, so I could watch aib-tv (Atlanta Interfaith Broadcast) film a segment for their upcoming 9-part series on Forgiveness. This morning’s guest was an expert on Radical Forgiveness. It was a fantastic trip, and I met all sorts of folks doing great interfaith work in the Atlanta Metro region. I hope to incorporate some of their stories in the book I’m working on: The Multifaith Movement.

So, here are my top pics for faith/interfaith stories from last week — in case you missed them.

Rabbi in Greenville, SC brings together Christians and Jews for their first service on August 30

An Update on the Interfaith Marriage Case Currently being Heard in Indonesian Court

China’s First Group of Muslim Pilgrims Heads Out for Hajj

American Humanist Association Kicks Off Boycott of Pledge

Magic and Christianity in Ancient Times? 1500-Year Old Charm Refers to Last Supper 

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